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gina marie bernard’s i am this girl is a triumph of truth and language, forging with fierce determination a no-punches-pulled telling of a “tortured son” rising and “bleeding now as a daughter.” From ashes, divination, and shattered glass, the self in this collection is summoned and examined with sincere scrutiny, in a land of tortured beauty where “[d]ecisions float on beds of glacial regret.” This exploration is not for the faint of heart, and the heart of bernard’s work is a “knee deep and thirsty” desire to drench us in longing—a longing to be completely seen and heard. With incredible skill and execution, bernard wraps us in the cocoon of her passionate pleas—impossible to emerge untouched, anything less than transformed.” —Jen Rouse, author of Cake

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"Alpha Summer couldn't be more timely. As our timber wolf population expands, so must our understanding of it. Bernard's novel shows deep insight into nature and teenage characters. This is a fine first novel." - Will Weaver, Striking Out

"Several gripping threads are woven together in this honest and thought-provoking novel. At its heart, Alpha Summer is the story of a boy taking his first real steps along that treacherous path to manhood, carrying with him the burden of tragic loss. The descriptions of wolf behavior are vivid and beautiful, and the sense of place is strong. This is a moving and suspenseful book." - Rich Wallace, Wrestling Sturbridge

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The pressure is building, and an outlet must be found. VENT is a collection of stories set against one of the most pivotal backdrops in our lives: high school graduation. The characters in this assemblage of short fiction are as varied as the young men and women whose footsteps echo down the corridors of America's schools. Yet there is unity, too. Unity of place. Unity of angst. Unity of hope. VENT captures the turbulent final year of high school with genuine warmth and humor as the protagonists search for excitement, acceptance, and above all else, healthy release. Pressure can be deadly. And if they don't want to explode, each must learn to vent. Click here to order from Amazon. Available in paperback or Kindle formats.

Click here to read a review of VENT from The Bemidji Pioneer, December 18, 2013.


In a waiting room, beside a sickbed, under the covers, in the closet, on a lonely moonlit run, on a cross-country drive home….These moments, at once intimate and commonplace, often pass unexamined  because they feel too raw for words; the twenty-seven essays, poems, and works of fiction in this book break this culture of silence. The authors of Uprooted brave the terrains of illness, gender, sexuality, and identity to deliver astounding personal narratives about their humanity and mortality, love, and loss.  Click here to order a paperback or Kindle version from Amazon.


Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul is a perfect gift for golfing enthusiasts, whether their drives land in the sand or on the green. This inspiring collection of stories - from professionals, caddies, and amateur golfers - shares the memorable moments of the game...when, despite all odds, an impossible shot lands in the perfect position; when a simple game of golf becomes a lesson in life. This is a great read for any golfer, no matter what their handicap. Click here to order on Amazon.